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Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by
Cookie Marenco

ESE LogoExtended Sound
Environment (E.S.E.)

Assistant Engineers: Patrick O'Connor, Mike Howles

All Songs by Melody Walker
Melody Walker: vocals, tenor banjo, guitar
Jacob Groopman: vocals, guitar, mandolin

Melody Walker’s soulful songwriting and Jacob Groopman’s picking prowess join together in a duo that is creating it’s own genre: “Americali”. Their voices harmonize earnestly over intricate instrumental textures of banjo, guitar and mandolin, as they sing of ancient truths and futuristic myths, bringing their eclectic influences to life in traditional forms.

Melody Walker is a multi-talented multi-instrumentalist and virtuosic vocalist from Northern California. Starting with piano at age 6 and then guitar at 13, Melody’s classical ear grew alongside the myriad musical tastes of her parents, which ranged from the Beatles to Bill Monroe to Bossa Nova and back again. Soon, she was writing original songs and forming bands with her friends in middle and high school. Melody went on to study piano, voice and world percussion at Humboldt State University in Arcata, California and holds a B.A. in Music.

A musical thrill-seeker of sorts, Melody’s curious ear has led her around the world to study music, most notably in India and Brazil. This travel revealed a greater appreciation for the American traditional music she was raised around and gave her a singular perspective on it’s idiosyncratic beauty.

Melody’s songwriting is strongly rooted in Western folk and pop forms, while her content and delivery draws on more global sounds and themes. Combined with a holistic understanding of music theory and competence on several instruments, she is bringing a new unique voice to the American song. Her songs cut to the crux of the matter and make you remember you came. Melody wont lie and tell you she’s not trying to change the world through music, but she’s taking her time getting there, coating each word with honey so you want to sing along.

Melody has been performing as a professional and semi-professional musician with several bands since 2005. She has released one solo album of original music and four in collaboration. Her dream is to one day have music chase her all around the world for a change.

— from Official Bio

"Songs from the new release…bring to mind Alison Krauss, Woody Guthrie, the Carolina Chocolate Drops, Ani DiFranco’s folky explorations, and down-home selections with post-modernist themes, playful fiddles’ riffs and haunting, hearty life-stories…These songs are all heart…where the transcendent and the traditional shake hands and stomp their feet...you’ll want to take these filmic, impassioned songs right on home with you."